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Precision Surfaces International, Inc. (PSI) is a wholesale distributor of consumable products for achieving precision surfaces. We serve three principal markets, and offer 3M Microfinishing Abrasives in sheet form to consumers. Our three principal markets are as follows:

Metallurgical Laboratories: PSI supplies a complete product line of non-chemical lab consumables, including products for sample cutting, grinding and polishing. We also offer an extensive product line for Field Metallography.

Industrial Superfinishing: PSI supplies products in belt, sheet, roll and disc form for use in many production grinding and polishing operations. These products include Diamond Lapping Film, Flexible Diamond Products, Diamond Compounds and Suspensions.

Fiber Optics: PSI supplies 3M Lapping Film and Diamond Lapping Film for the polishing of fiber optic cable terminations.

PSI has been in business since 1980, with the same ownership and management since 1983. Located in The Heights in Houston, Texas, USA, PSI serves customers wherever they may be located. We do business the "old fashioned way": person to person with extensive product knowledge and service beyond what our customers expect. We have no "phone trees" at PSI, if you call us, a live person will answer the phone. We know our products well enough to ask the right questions to help our customers get the correct products for their applications, including substitutions when necessary.